Wholesale travel bags are essential for bag brands, distributors, and retailers as consumers gear up for their holiday travels, causing shifts in their travel bag preferences. To effectively cater to the seasonal demand, businesses must understand popular travel bag trends and essential buying factors. This knowledge will enable them to adequately stock up and meet consumer needs, ultimately leading to significant deals.


Things to Consider When Buying Wholesale Travel Bags for the Holiday Season

Concerning purchasing wholesale travel bags for the holiday season, several key factors must be taken into account. The key considerations include the following:


  • Durability and Quality Materials

Wholesale travel bags should be made from durable polyester materials capable of withstanding frequent wear and tear and offer protection for the essentials inside. Not only do high-quality materials ensure the longevity of the bags, but they also contribute to customer satisfaction.


  • Spaciousness and Organizational Features

Travelers generally need ample space to efficiently pack their belongings. Furthermore, organizational features such as pockets, compartments, and dividers help them stay organized throughout their trip. So, look for these characteristics when purchasing wholesale travel bags for the holiday season.


  • Security Features for Travelers

Safety is a primary concern for travelers. Therefore, travel bags should have security features, e.g., code lock, etc., to protect valuable items from unauthorized access or theft.


  • Stylish Designs and Customization Options

Travel bags are not just functional; they have also become people’s fashion statements. Consumers may increase their budget during the holiday season, looking for fashionable and trendy wholesale travel bags that reflect their style. Therefore, Kingsons also provides customization options for distributors and travel bag brands, e.g., unique color choices, logo custom design, monogramming, special patterns, etc., so that their products stand out.


Types of Wholesale Travel Bags That You Should Invest During the Holiday Season

Consumers may like various travel bags during the holiday season, but their choices vary based on individual preferences and travel requirements. To ensure good profits and customer satisfaction, bag brands and distributors should consider buying types of wholesale travel bags in high demand. The most popular types of travel bags that are in high demand during the holiday season are as follows:


  1. Duffel Bag

Duffel bags are spacious, versatile, and easy to carry. They are ideal for short trips or as a carry-on bag for flights. The Travel bag K10071W from Kingsons is recommended in this category. Packed with many features, this large-capacity travel bag offers durability (high-quality polyester material), organization (roomy main compartment, multiple front pockets), and a stylish design (multiple color options) that appeals to modern travelers. The quality puller and durable fabric ensure its ample space is fully utilized. This Kingsons model is a noteworthy contender for those needing high-quality wholesale travel bags.


  1. Travel Suitcase

Suitcases are a classic choice for travelers who value organization and convenience. In this category, the Travel Suitcase KS3118W from Kingsons is a reliable choice. It offers a combination of expandable capacity (four layers of organized storage), durability (high-quality fabrics, wear/scratch-resistant, and water-repellent), security (exclusive code lock), and a smooth drawbar, making it a great option for long journeys.


  1. Travel Backpack

Since backpacks offer hands-free mobility, they are favored by many travelers. Regarding travel backpacks, the 20L Fashionable Backpack for Travel – Kingsons K9950W is an excellent choice. Its key features include a water-resistant woven fabric made from recycled poly fabric, padded laptop sleeves, quick pockets at the left and right design for water bottles, a fold-over closure system for quick access, a sleek appearance, and ample storage space to accommodate essentials for short getaways or day trips.


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Get the Best Wholesale Travel Bags From Kingsons

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