After-Sales Service

Warranty card
lifetime  Service
Thank you to choose  and support Kingsons products,in order to protect your legal rights,please read this card carefully before using.
One、 Warranty range
1,Suture shedding 2,Broken zipper  3, Broken hardware 4、 Buckle shedding 5、Handle shedding  6、 Quality  problems 
Two、Our commitment
If products you bought have such problems mentioned above,date from you bought it,you can return it to us within 7 days and have replacement within 15 days(need to ensure complete product packaging fabric, accessories, no obvious wear and scratches or smudges.), free maintenance within three months,if the product you bought was already beyond the warranty period,we still will be responsible for maintenance in lifetime(Only charge for the base cost and the courier cost)
Note: Promotion products and damage products by man-made are not entitled to return guarantee, but it is eligible for paid maintenance service
Three、in order to protect your rights fully , please keep this card, if you products you bought have any problems,please make a call immediately::
Free Hotline:400-779-7288
We will arrange the relevant staff to serve you as soon as possible 。
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