The Popularity of RPET Bags

With the increasing popularity of recycling, people are starting to pay more attention to what they can do to help the environment. In the bag industry, reusable packaging is gaining traction or RPET bags in industry jargon. They are backpacks made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a type of plastic that is widely used in beverage containers and textile fibers. In other words, this recyclable backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles and becoming increasingly popular due to many merits.

The Advantages of Using RPET Material for Bags


Bags made from this recycled plastic generate less carbon footprint in production with reduced use of fossil fuels and recyclability.


RPET materials endow bags with strong and flexible features, meaning that these bags can be used multiple times.


RPET backpacks are cheaper than traditional plastic bags, with less water and energy consumption required.

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Backpacks from Kingsons

K9988w Recyclable Backpack 

Applying water-resistant woven fabric, this eco-friendly backpack can easily handle needs for daily use, travel, or other applications. The back panel of this bag can easily pass through the luggage handles, reducing people’s burden when traveling.

K10024w Eco-Friendly Backpacks

Made from regenerated polyester and leather, this RPET bag is environmentally-friendly and lightweight with a simplistic design. Grey, beige, light blue, and dark blue are available for this daily backpack.

K9968w Kingsons Backpack

With a large capacity of up to 32L, coupled with the bottom of the zipper, this recyclable backpack will ease the burden, making it ideal for travel. Waterproof and tear-resistant oxford fabric material empowers the durability of this backpack. There are three ways to carry this bag, on the shoulder or the suitcase.

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